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Verge has done time as a security guard for the trees, touted himself as an amateur dog owner, and captained a sinking boat through waves at least two and a half inches tall. Despite his incredible personal history, no accomplishment stands prouder than his stand-up comedy. Andrew is the founder of Comedy On The Verge, runs Comedy Valhalla at Muninn’s Post, is the organizer and host of comedy shows all over BC, a frequent feature at Kelowna Comedy, and a veteran of Okanagan Comedy Fest. Let Andrew’s piquant wit and unexpected observations on life push you over the comic edge.



Konrad has been performing stand up for five years. He has performed in many Canadaian clubs, including The Comic Strip, Yuk Yuks in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, and The Comedy Mix. He has also performed back to back years at the Okanagan Comedy Festival. Konrad has worked with some of North America's best: Chris Gordon, Simon King, and James Uloth. His unique style mixes his personal life, sexual indiscretions, and poor life choices into a mess of one liners and crazy stories.



Throw your priorities and children in a dumpster and come witness the unrelenting wit and charm of one of Kelowna's most promising comedic exports. With the combination of hilariously hypnotizing storytelling and a hot sexy bod, Josh is guaranteed to arouse even the most conservative of audiences into an uncontrollable frenzy.



Matt is a Comedy Bloodsport Champion and brilliant showman. He has taken the comedy scene by storm and is known for his ever-changing and clever observational comedy. He has performed alongside some of Canada's top touring comedians and is always an audience favourite. He used to live in his car, but now things are going pretty good.

Kate Belton 2_edited.jpg

Kate is a writer, comedian, animal lover and person who gets weirdly riled up about gas prices. Hailing from rural Ontario, Kate is a middle child (draw your own conclusions) who lights up the stage with her quick witted story-telling and observational quips. Much to the dismay of her parents, she’s probably never going to stop thinking accidental public farts are funny. Kate started performing stand-up in Vancouver and  has performed throughout the lower mainland and across Canada.



Caleb is a local legend, a born story teller, and a wild man! His lovable charm will make even the most messed up story seem excusable. This guy is a favourite for good reason. Audiences will not be disappointed. He has appeared on the Okanagan Comedy Festival, Calgary Funny Fest, and is the co-host of the Bible Beaters podcast.


Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by his unprepossessing appearance. Andrew’s cutting comic wit is unparalleled and unrelenting. He has verbally sliced and diced his way across Western Canada, alongside some of the biggest touring acts in the country. He has been seen at Just For Laughs Northwest, the Okanagan Comedy Festival, and the Summer Comedy Smackdown, where he came away victorious. Audiences always leave wanting more of Andrew’s unique comedy. His is a flavour that cannot be duplicated.



Kyle is a Kelowna comedian with unmatched style. His edgy wit and controversial jokes are an experience you won't want to miss. On the BC comedy scene less than three years, Kyle has quickly established himself as a heavy hitter. He has performed shows and festivals across Western Canada, won several comedy competitions, and opened for some Canada's biggest comedy names. Remember: "If I offended you with anything I've said please tell everyone you know so that I can offend them too."



A recent arrival to the Okanagan, Erin has already made a comedic name for herself in Victoria and Vancouver with her bold and ballsy style. Creator of Black Sheep Comedy in Victoria, she has also won the One Hitter Quitter comedy competition, and preformed at Vancouver's notorious Comedy Shocker. Erin's dark and daring sets have earned reviews such as, "Better than I expected" and "Good set". 

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Meet Dave, the guy behind the scenes of Kelowna Comedy and, quite often, out in front too. He has performed with some of the biggest names in Canadian comedy. You can see him emceeing on open mic night or featuring on a pro show most every week at his very own club, Dakodas Comedy Lounge in Kelowna.  Dave is the creator of Comedy Bloodsport and Kelowna Comedy and has produced well over 1000 shows. Dave has toured across Western Canada and is a hit with audiences wherever he goes.



Equipped with a charming sense of absurdity, Jordan is a perfect cocktail of outrageous and clever. He has performed with some of the biggest acts in the country, taken first place at the Calgary Funnyfest Talent Search, and enjoyed a breakout performance at Just for Laughs North West. This young comedian is bound to fill your night with laughter and tears…the good kind.



She may be petite, but Velina’s comedic presence is larger than life. What does a globe trotting, Australian-Macedonian vet tech think of life in Canada? Her observations may not be what you expect, but they will be real and riotous. From dating to dead dogs, Velina’s stories run the gambit. Although relatively new to the scene, she is already commanding attention as a comedy powerhouse. Velina has performed both internationally and locally, and been seen at such events as Comedy Bloodsport, the Wine & Laughs Comedy Fest, Calgary Funny Fest, Kelowna’s Fringe Festival, and the Okanagan Comedy Fest.

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